About / Why an Oak Tree?

OakTree was created to encourage military spouse entrepreneurship and to connect spouses with Talents to share with other local military spouses. Military spouses already belong to this network – OakTree is simply the marketplace that brings us together and truly allows us to support and inspire each other .

OakTree Network is the sister site to MilSpouse Resource; the motto is “Let’s Support and Inspire Each Other”.

OakTree Network strives to provide a platform to raise awareness & funds for military affiliated charities and non-profits.

Why an Oak Tree?

The Oak Tree is the official tree of the United States, and it symbolizes strength and endurance.

It represents a military spouse as an individual: An oak tree is strong, durable, and stable, just like a military spouse.

An oak tree also represents the military spouse network: There are more than 60 species of oaks growing in the United States. Like the variety found in oak trees, the military spouse network is diverse, large, and strong, with many branches.